CMD Prep Course

MDS Set out to improve the quality of standards for students taking the MDCB Certification Exam. Many students struggle with formal teaching methods simply because the structure were developed for physics graduate students and modified for the Medical Dosimetry Students. We feel this approach is causing a miss allocation in student time management for their boards. With a new student centered approach, we developed this exam prep course to prepare students in the best possible way to pass the board exams.Students should jump right in and start preparing for the exam. Remember we're always here to help so please comment and leave your feedback.We wish you have great success with your boards and hope we did our best to help you get there. - MDS Admin

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Welcome to the MDS CMD Prep Course

We've outlined the course by Topic Modules. Please take the Pre-quiz lessons to assess yourself. Once you're ready to get cranking, advance to the post quiz

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