Creating Courses Made Easy

Everything you need to create beautiful, engaging courses

Choose Course Type

Select the type of course that best suits your training style, whether it’s instructor-led, blended, or self-paced. It’s easy to create and deliver training content and each course has useful features based on its style.

Easily Build Courses

Create engaging courses fast and without any technical knowledge using our built-in content Management. Embed any kind of content and media including Audio, Video, MS Office Docs, PPT & PDF files.

Display in Catalog

Showcase your courses to learners using the course catalog. Each course has its own overview page with important details such as the course description, ratings and reviews, content outline, and more.

Structure Your Course

Use paths to help learners master topics in small steps, here's how.

Add Content

MDS Learning System  allows you to upload almost every types of content directly through the web interface. The following types of content are supported:

PowerPoint Presentations (PPT)
Flash clips (.SWF files)
SCORM 1.2 or 2004 packages (.ZIP files)
Reference documents (.DOC/XLS/PDF files)
Audio (.MP3 files)
Video (.MP4, .FLV files)

Create Learning Path

Inspire learners to achieve goals using learning paths. Each goal in a path can represent a course and learners can be rewarded with points and badges as they complete goals. When the path is finished, learners can receive a certificate of completion.

Customize Lessons

Configure whether goals have to be completed sequentially, define actions that are triggered learners complete path goals, and use gamification to boost learners engagement.

Add Students

Invite your students to take the course and add them as users. Assign them content or enroll them to a learning path.

Web Conferencing

Schedule your live meetings directly from our calendar

Manage Content & Resources

Store, manage, and share any type of resource across the entire Network. Enable Certificates, Badges, Award Points all in one place. You can place the resources in your private library for just your group, make it public or private.

Engaging Discussions

Be informed about what's happening in your course and what learners are doing & saying. Communicate through content discussions, group emails, or Zoom meetings.

Customized reporting

Custom reports allow you to select the data you want to report on such as users, courses, paths, stats, and more. Get instant Analytics on learners progress. Identify where learners might need some extra help. See graphs with insights for different areas such as modules, assessments, mastery, completion, and more.


Cloud-Based Platform

Our System is a 100% cloud-based solution that uses the Amazon cloud for its infrastructure. It’s reliable, secure, and safe for your data. Every part of our architecture is designed for fault-tolerance and resilience, and is built using Ruby on Rails, the most popular software framework for building modern applications.


Every software and hardware component has copies in more than one Amazon data center, with automatic fail-over in case one of the centers has a problem. We perform automatic, daily backups for disaster recovery, and these backups are stored in multiple locations for extra redundancy.


Our platform includes the following security mechanisms to protect its members and their resources: passwords, walled communities, authenticated resource access, secure profiles, secure messaging, communications monitoring, secure e-commerce, secure storage, and secure servers. We protect credentials and data transmissions from detection while in transit in our site through encrypted passwords to ensure our clients privacy. Our Google Apps, Clever, and custom SSO all use OAUTH 2.0 for secure connections.

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